How We Started

Praying for Freedom and UnityThe Lighthouse Intercessors ministry uses this lighthouse as our logo because of its history.  Before the Civil War, a black slave was actually the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse keeper for awhile.  It was here that he had prayer meetings of other slaves who would pray at the risk of their own lives for their freedom.  He may have been the first “Lighthouse Intercessor.” Notice the black and white stripes on this lighthouse.  Every Lighthouse Prayer Tour that we go on, we pray for the spirit of offense to be broken between people, races, socio-economic and political differences, denominational barriers, etc. so that people, especially the Body of Christ, may come into true unity.  We have prayed at the lighthouse in Jaffa near Tel Aviv, Israel for the ancient offense between the Arab and the Jewish people to be broken down through the Blood of Yeshua.  We believe God is bringing together the One New Man in these end times! The greatest revival known in history is coming!

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