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Daily Declarations and Decrees based on the Jewish Months and Feasts

15 AV 5777 AUGUST 6 2017

“I declare that this 15th day of Av the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!  His blessings overtake me.  I look in anticipation for my Beloved! Kiss me with the kisses of Your mouth and I will experience the depths of Your forgiveness. No Comments Read more

14 AV 5777 AUGUST 5 2017

 “I declare that I am a new creation in Christ Jesus.  I am being changed from glory to glory each day by His Spirit and by His grace. I decree that I will not fall apart when times are difficult. I speak to the new to come forth in me!”

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11 AV 5777 AUGUST 3 2017

“I will bless Your Name in times of reconstruction.  I will declare Your praises among the peoples and trust in You with all my heart when destruction comes.  The old is passing away. Behold, You make all things new!”


10 AV 5777 AUGUST 2 2017

 “I decree that my spiritual womb births dreams, visions, plans, and strategies for His kingdom’s purposes to be fulfilled through me.  Travail is for a season, but I know joy comes in the morning! I will not miscarry the dreams of my heart that He has given me.