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Daily Declarations and Decrees based on the Jewish Months and Feasts

02 AV 5777 JULY 25 2017

learn to pray


“ I declare that I have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  Abba awakens my ear morning by morning to hear as His disciple.  I will not turn back from Your Word to me. Your...

01 AV 5777 JULY 24 2017

9th of Av Prayer Meeting 013

"I declare that I am a beacon of hope, that words of life pour out of my lips bringing hope and healing.  I am becoming more of a light giving force and dispelling darkness everywhere I go because I carry the glory and...

28 TAMMUZ 5777 JULY 22 2017

Florida 051

”I declare you are the Light of the World.  I bear Your light within my temple.  Shine through me this day and overcome the darkness around me by shining forth by the good deeds You have ordained for me to do...

26 TAMMUZ 5777 JULY 20 2017

Spanish Intercessors

"I declare that this day is one to offer the right hand of fellowship to my brothers and sisters from all over this world who love Yeshua and claim Him as their Lord!  May this world know that Yeshua is alive and reigns over all through the...