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Daily Declarations and Decrees based on the Jewish Months and Feasts

17 TISHREI 5778 OCTOBER 7 2017

 “I ask for the scales to be tipped in my favor through Your Blood.  I examine my life in the light of Your Word.  Let me not be found wanting.  Thank You that You are faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.”


16 TISHREI 5778 OCTOBER 6 2017


 “I declare what the thief has stolen must be returned in greater measure in Your name. Whatever the locusts have eaten, I declare will be returned in abundance in Your mighty Name.  I plead Your precious blood over every prodigal and declare they will return home.  I pull in every scattered thing and...

15 TISHREI 5778 OCTOBER 5 2017

How lovely are Your dwelling places, Mighty God.  I declare that as I celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, I experience Your manifest Presence and awesome glory! You are awesome in this place, Mighty God.  I celebrate Your glory!  I come into the Holy of Holies to receive Your mercy and grace. ...

14 TISHREI 5778 OCTOBER 4 2017

 “I declare that my face is radiant because I am focused on You, Lord Jesus.  I reflect Your light as the moon reflects the light of the sun.  Keep shining on me, my Jesus, and I will shine brighter and brighter for Your glory.”


13 TISHREI 5778 OCTOBER 3 2017

 “I decree that this is a time for new beginnings in my life!  You are merciful and give me a clean slate each new day.  Your mercy triumphs over judgment! There is a reversal of what was bad turning into good by Your providence.  How thankful I am Lord, for a new start!”

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12 TISHREI 5778 OCTOBER 2 2017

 “I declare that this seventh month is as dear to my heart as it is Yours.  I decree  Your “fullness” and completeness in my life.  Jesus, I am 100% satisfied with You!  You have filled me to overflowing with blessings.  Your supply room loads me down with Your benefits every day....