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Daily Declarations and Decrees based on the Jewish Months and Feasts

23 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 13 2017

"TODAY AND ALWAYS, It is my joy to please You, Lord.  You are my prize.  I set my heart to know You.  You are bringing in the harvest through me.  I will focus on telling others about You.  I will say what You tell me to say, and do what You tell me...

22 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 12 2017

"I declare I will not lose my focus, but fix my heart on You.  I set my eyes on You, the author and finisher of my faith.  I press in to You; I humble myself and surrender all to You.  I set my gaze on You that I may become like You. No Comments Read more

21 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 11 2017

"I DECLARE I am satisfied!  I am content!  I am free in Yeshua!  I am blessed!  I am redeemed! I am righteous! (Begin to name everything you have in Christ Jesus…who you are in Him and confess your love for Him.  Declare over yourself the blessings He has paid for and are yours!)


20 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 10 2017

"TODAY, HOLY SPIRIT, Dissect and take apart every jot and tittle of Your Word that I may digest and absorb it fully becoming life for others. Heal my intestines that I may absorb every nutrient, vitamin, and enzyme for the health of my body.  Please bless my food and water."


19 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 8 2017

"I DECLARE Your light permeates my being and creates more light, producing sounds that reverberate through every part of me.  I declare a new beginning has come, bringing heaven’s sounds to earth!  Produce heaven’s sounds in me, Your instrument. Strum the strings of my soul. Beat upon the drum of my heart. Align my heartbeat to Yours O Adonai."