Monthly Archives: January 2018

4 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 21 2018

I fast for the sake of injustice and oppression to see my family set free from all that binds them from receiving salvation and healing in Christ.  I will share my food with the hungry and clothe the poor.  These righteous deeds will cause my light to break forth like the dawn and my...

3 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 20 2018

"Today I declare the chosen fast to cleanse my spirit, soul, and body from everything that would cause defilement.  All unclean spirits must go at the Name of Christ Jesus my Deliverer!  No spirits of infirmity are allowed in my temple.  I declare divine health and restoration in Jesus’ Name. No Comments Read more

2 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 19 2018

"I declare that I am blessed going in and blessed going out.  I am blessed in every way.  I declare others call me blessed and blessings overtake me.  Thank You that You have placed my feet in the anointing and my life is rich from Your glory! No Comments Read more

1 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 18 2018


"I DECLARE You bring me pleasure and joy, O Lord.  You are my Rock and My salvation.  At Your right hand is pleasure forevermore.  Your Spirit makes me fat and my bones rejoice to the very marrow. No Comments Read more

29 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 17 2018

"Father God, I declare divine alignment over our leaders in our homes, churches, cities, states and nation!  We cut off the assignment of the enemy from their lives. We declare holy conviction from Your Spirit visits each one so they humble themselves and turn to You for wisdom and direction. If any will not turn back to You or regard You as their highest authority,...

28 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 16 2018

"I DECLARE that just as Samson was given supernatural strength, I receive Your supernatural energy, strength, stamina and health in my body this day!  Even as I fast, Your spiritual food like living bread from heaven feeds my soul and nourishes me physically.  Organs are being renewed, every system regenerated, and every cell revitalized by the Power of Your Blood and the Power of Your...