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19 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 7 2018

I receive You, Oh Morning Star. Open my ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. My garments have been made white by Your blood that my name might not be blotted from Your Book of Life. Declare my name before the Father and all His...

18 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 6 2018

BECAUSE I AM AN OVERCOMER AND MY SINS ARE ATONED FOR DECLARING ME NOT GUILTY THROUGH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD, I receive the white stone with my new name inscribed on it. By faith, I will fulfill its meaning on earth for heaven's sake. Bind me to Your will, and grant me...

17 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 4 2018

"Lord, as I fast please feed me from Your Tree of Life. By Your grace, I am redeemed and will not be hurt by the second death. Feed me from Your hidden manna; unfold Your mysteries that I may live by every rhema word." 


16 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 3 2018

 “I decree that God is doing a new thing in my life.  I will trust in Him with my future and not be afraid even in the midst of restructuring!  Lead me Holy Spirit to the doors that no man can shut and the ones that no man can open."

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15 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 2 2018

 “I fast for cleansing of my body and soul by Your redeeming blood and power.  May no toxic bitterness take root, but only Your love and forgiveness flow.  Cleanse me from all defilement and heal me.  May this fast purify and bring me to physical healing."


14 TEVET 5778 JANUARY 1 2018


"I declare that I will fight for justice and truth in 2018!  I am a freedom fighter! I know the Truth and the Truth sets me free!  I will declare the Truth to others in 2018 and they will go free too from all sin, bondages, and darkness!  Jesus is exalted in my life and...