Monthly Archives: November 2017

13 KISLEV 5778 DECEMBER 2 2017

Restore my heart. Restore my child-like faith that I may wonder and be in awe again. Let this journey be an adventure, filled with perpetual discovery. Determined to defeat the enemies of my soul, I gain momentum as I overcome gaining new strength for other battles ahead.


12 KISLEV 5778 DECEMBER 1 2017

 I release a new song, a song for the journey that encourages my steps. I take the instrument of my voice and ask the Spirit to well up within me! Come new song! Come prophetic song!   Break old cycles, brings victory, energy, and joy to my journey!


11 KISLEV 5778 NOVEMBER 30 2017

"Give me vision for my journey, Lord. I believe in the dream You have for my life. Your prophetic word fills me with hope for the future. I know there are boundaries, but with You, there is also limitless possibilities in the spheres of influence You have placed me. Enlarge my dreams."


10 KISLEV 5778 NOVEMBER 29 2017

"My bow is drawn at the heart of satan and his demonic forces. I fight against the world’s system and the empires of Babel.  I declare that Your kingdom is coming, Your will is being done on earth as it is in heaven!  I come out of this worldly system and declare war by the Spirit of Christ that...

9 KISLEV 5778 NOVEMBER 28 2017

"Blessed be my Rock, and my keen and firm Strength, Who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight, Who holds my bow steady, Who sharpens my arrows, and balances them with the Spirit and the Word.  I move quickly at Your command awaiting my assignment in prayer.  Obedience keeps me winning every day in every way!"

8 KISLEV 5778 NOVEMBER 27 2017

"I declare that out of my innermost being flows rivers of living waters that are filled with new life and joy.  I am super abundantly full of Your life, overflowing in Your power and  presence. Even the atmosphere around me emits Your glory."