Daily Archives: August 12, 2017

25 AV 5777 AUGUST 16 2017

“I decree that it is time for a new beginning!  Time for resurrection of past dreams that died.  Time for new oil, new wine, new life!  I embrace the gifts that the camels are laden with for I am His bride and He loves me.”

24 AV 5777 AUGUST 15 2017

“O Lord, release me from Your bow to be Your mouthpiece in this hour.  I am Your weapon carrying Your voice.  I bring the sound of the roar, the sound of victory, and the sound of joy in the land!”


23 AV 5777 AUGUST 14 2017

Butterfly bush

”I declare my measure of faith is no longer weak or little but is growing exceedingly as I speak the Word of God over my situation.  I declare that I will be one of great faith, rich in faith, having perfect faith, and full of...

22 AV 5777 AUGUST 13 2017

“I crucify my flesh to the Cross and will live by the faith of the SON of GOD, who has all the faith I need to overcome this world!  My soul shall not shrink back, but by grace I will remain faithful and true to My Savior and Lord.  Amen, make...