Show Your loving-kindness to Your people Israel and keep them as the apple of Your eye. Hide them under the shadow of Your wings from the wicked who oppress them; from their deadly enemies who surround them.” (Psalm 17:7-9)

During the Christian Friends of Israel Prayer Conference in the UK last week they discovered, where intercession is concerned, that we are in a battle, and we need to battle on! As we continue to intercede for Israel, let us pray that we would not flee from any “hard ground” we face, rather, in the LORD’S strength, be determined to see the breakthrough.

We thank God that He never changes, but consistently ‘watches over His Word to perform it.’  Malachi 3:6 and Jeremiah 1:12

PRAYER POINTS: We must always pray for Israel’s leadership to have wisdom, boldness and corage to do whatever needs to be done to protect themselves from SYRIA’S weapons of mass destruction.

That the weapons of mass destruction in Syria not be disseminated amongst forces of lawlessness. That these evil materials will not be realeased upon human beings anywhere. Pray Psalm 91, the “Umbrella of Protection” every day!

Abba, we ask you to protect our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria. Strengthen, protect and equip them with spiritual strategies for their future. Pray for a holy unity in Jesus to be strengthened in the Body there. “Purposes are established by counsel; and with good advice make war.” (Proverbs 20:18; also 24:6)

WITH SO MUCH FOCUS ON SYRIA AT THIS TIME, WE MUST NOT LET THAT DISTRACT US FROM THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE SITUATION THAT STILL EXISTS IN IRAN….seems the nations want to talk at least until after the U.S. elections in November. Iran’s goal, however, is still the annihilation of the Zionist entity.

PRAY for God’s timing, God’s tactics, and God’s weapons! (Joshua 5:13-6:5)

We thank God that Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed again this week that the prospect of Iran with nuclear weapons would be much worse than the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran might be.

Cause other leaders in the world to understand and act on this as well.

We praise God for establishing Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister for this time in history. We believe he is reading the Word of God and seeking direction from same. Pray for God to anoint him to complete the task He has raised him up for at this time. (Ephesians 2:10) May Netanyahu not ‘lean on his fleshly understanding, but lean on God and let Him direct his decisions and his steps.’ (Paraphrased from Proverbs 3:3-5) Give Netanyahu unique strategies from heaven to thwart the plans of the enemy against this nation!

Read Psalm 83, especially verses 1-5. We prefer God to sovereignly deal with Iran that is threatening God and His people.

PRAY FOR A GREAT HARVEST during this month of RAMADAN (July 20 through August 18) Muslims are all over the world including these United States, especially Michigan. However, interestingly, Nashville, TN is the state listed in the Prayer Guide for prayer and witnessing saying there are as many as 30,000 Muslims in the Nashville area. Spiritual change occurs only through the power of God. And God’s power is reeleased when His people pray. Prejudice and fear remain against Muslims, even among Christians. But some Believers are following Jesus’ example when he rejected the Jews’ prejudice against the Samaritans and reached out to the Samaritan woman, correcting her theology and transforning her life (John 4:4-34)

LASTLY, pray for Aliyah (immigration – for the Jews to go home). We must pray for the Ministry of Interior to welcome every Jew who wishes to return – regardless of their background, skin  color or religious leanings

Thank God for the Levy Commission which stated that Jews have every historical and legal right to settle in all of the land of Israel – including Judea and Samaria. Cause the government to accept the Levy Report and its recommendations of legalizing the ‘settlements.’ (Amos 9:13-15)

I believe with all my heart, according to scripture, that a remnant of God’s people have to be in the Land before the Messiah comes. A great portion of the 6 million Jews in America will have to go home. If they do not go now, anti-semitisim and much persecution will drive them home. No nation in the world will let them in but Israel.

Pray into “Chosen People Ministry” as they have launched their “Isaiah 53″ Campaign in America. Intercede for souls via this God-ordained outreach.

Shabbat Shalom – Sabbath Peace as the Lord directs your intercession for His Holy Name’s Sake.








PRAY for protection for all Israelis at the 2012 Olympic Games which opened last night in London. We ask for multitudes of people in the stadium to stand in remembrance of the eleven Jews who were massacred in Munich 1972 – 40 years ago.

Pray against any terror attacks or kidnappings at the games. Protect the Israeli team and keep their security people alert.


Once Damascus was called by God ‘the city of praise…the city of My joy! Jeremaih 49:25. Enable your praise to one more time be heard in Damascus before it is cut off forever. (Isaiah 17:1)

With the fall of the

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