God is on the MOVE!

In Him we live and move, and have our being!  The word that keeps resounding over and over again is “MOVE”!  Several Lighthouse Intercessors are moving right now.  They are moving to new jobs, new homes, new roles in their lives.   God is moving us to get our house in order, moving us by His Spirit for our future!  Moving us into position to receive our next assignments  to accomplish His will in our lives.  Yes, in Him we live and move and have our being! 

There is a MOVEMENT of God in our land!  More prayers going up for America, for the harvest!  May the church continue moving towards the Lord God in humility and repentance until there is a crescendo in the movement! May our land and those who live in America be healed.  Yes, in Him we live and move and have our being!

Is your heart moved towards the lost, the poor, the needy, the youth?  This movement will MOVE you out of your comfort zone into the places of the harvest!  May our hearts move in rhythm with the movement of His heart!  Get in on the move of God!  Let everyone live and move and have their being in Christ our Lord!  Amen!

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