FYI ~ From Project Manager of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) at Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) Jerusalem


Syria has admitted it has chemical weapons and in what may have been a veiled threat against Israel, warned it will use them if assaulted. The regime said it would not engage in chemical warfare against rebels. Syrian rebels reported Tuesday that government forces have moved chemical weapons to airports near the country’s borders. Israel is concerned the arsenal will fall into the hands of Lebanon-based terrorist group, Hizbullah. PM Binyamin Netanyahu declared this week his government will “have to act” if Assad’s regime collapses, leaving Hizbullah with the possibility of taking over his munitions store.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated he had ordered Israel’s military forces to prepare for a situation in which they will need to direct a strike against Suria’s arsenal, which is believed to include mustard gas and nerve agents that can reach the Jewish state via Scud missiles. Despite the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s vow not to use chemical weapons against the opposition, U.S. Senator John McCain does not trust the regime. “These are helicopter gunships, tanks, artillery that are slaughtering people, and now there is a risk that in his desperation, Bashar al-Assad might use those chemical weapons.” said McCain. U.S. President Barack Obama this week warned Syria not to make the “tragic mistake” of using such weapons. (Ha’aretz)

This is a highly dangerous situation needing to be covered in intercession. Pray for alertness in all of Israel’s government, security and military officials. Wisdom and vigilance is needed to avert or respond to a chemical weapons hit.

Again, we ask God to sovereignly deal with this nation that is threatening Him, His People as well as any aftermath on other nations.

Psalm 83:1-5 Keep not silence, O God; do not be speechless, and be not still, O God. For behold, Your enemies roar and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They take shrewd counsel against Your people, and plot against Your hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off  from being a nation, so that the name Israel may be remembered no more. For with one heart they have plotted togeether; they have made a covenant against YOU.

We praise God for hearing and acting on the petitions lifted to Him in the golden bowl to the Throne. (Rev. 5:8) Remember to Praise Him to win any and all battles!!


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