Although this celebration from 45 years ago was on May 20th on the Hebrew Calendar I do not seem to be able to come out of it in the Spirit realm. This year there is something so significant – more significant than ever. Therefore, it has to be by the Spirit, the times we are living in and the moed – the “set time” of God that is approaching.

I have been to this celebration on Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem and it is electric with joy and excitement. Just reading portions of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speach is filled with joy and excitement and hope - tikva – their National Anthem. Just think: hope is what it is all about! I must share some of this with you today to give you hope for not only our beloved Nation of Israel, but for America and other nations as well who may read this.

“We will protect Jerusalem because Israel without Jerusalem is like a body without a heart,” the Prime Minister said. “On this hill, 45 years ago, the united heart of our people began to beat again, with full power. Our heart will never be divided again.” Giving up on a united Jerusalem would show weakness to our enemies, he explained, saying that a body that would give up it’s heart could not fight for anything.

IDF soldiers fought like lions 45 years ago, because they were fighting for Jerusalem, and they changed history forever. “Our generation had a great privilege – we saw the words of the prophets come true,” he declared. “We saw the rise of Zion, the return of Jewish sovereighty in the Land of Israel, the in-gathering of exiles, and our return to Jerusalem.”

“This is the place in which our past was revealed and our future is built,” he said. “We developed Jerusalem in the north, south, east and west. and we will keep building our capital…We will make sure Jerusalem’s golden light will shine on our people, and spread the light of Jerusalem to the whole world.”

I personally experienced this golden light of Jerusalem in 1992. I had been in the Land 5 weeks. The night before my morning departure I was on the balcony of the Sanders’ home in Mevasseret Zion looking toward the City of Jerusalem which was “golden” as all the street/night lamps put out a golden glow – unseen anywhere else in the world. I asked the Lord to never let me forget what I saw that night and He has been faithful for me to forever see the Golden City. If this means so much now, how much more should it mean to live our lives to look forward to that Golden City where we will live and reign with Him forever? How about your heart? Is it right with God? Maybe you are in right relationship with Him, but not with His Land and His People. It is time to search our hearts, clean our hands, and repent and forever make intercession for this Land and People.

When President Shimon Peres spoke at the celebration, he called for peace among nations and religions living in Jerusalem, recalling the many battles in the Holy City’s history. “In six days, our soldiers, with their bravery and heroism, contributed a great chapter in the history of Israel’s security,” Peres recounted. ” The quick war (in 1967) amazed the world!”

The president said Israel had not been looking for war (I say, ‘have they ever?’), but Arab leaders had promised to bring an end to Israel, and the IDF fought three wars in six days – against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. “Here on Ammunition Hill was the battle on the first night of the war, where the historic echo that came from the prayers of our forefathers and our longing for redemption rose..” Please pray for the greatest redemption ever among God’s people!.

Pray for the Jews to be free to pray on the Temple Mount in their  City/Capital of Jerusalem without persecution.

Peres reiterated that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people, a source of inspiration and identity throughout history. “Jerusalem hope for peace, and we must do everything to make it come true”, he said. Please pray for aliya (immigration) especially from the West, including th 6 million Jews in America. Only by fulfilment of the Word of God will peace come – The Prince of Peace!

Much more..Syria, Iran, and Russia as thy come against this tiny nation decisions are having to be made…Pray for Netanyahu and Benny Gantz that they would consult with the God of Israel for their leadership and not mere man!

Psal;m 2:Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thin? The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed….” Here we see the Kingdom of Christ and verse 10 exhorts the Kings to accept it!

Let us rejoice in the hope that is set before us as we “Pray for the Shalom of Yerushalayim!




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  1. This beautiful post filled my heart with joy, hope, and epectation! I love the part of what Prime Minister Netanyahu said concerning Jerusalem’s light to keep shining and spread throughout the world! That is the redemptive purpose of Israel, to shine for Christ, to be that beacon of hope and lighthouse for all the nations to know the Lord! Hallelujah!

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