Suddenlies and Soaring!

The Lord gave me a vision as I was seeking Him concerning breakthrough for the Lighthouse Intercessors.  I saw the large head of a mammoth, the huge tusks and his mouth.  A butterfly flew in front of the large extinct animal.  I began to ask the Lord what this vision meant.  He reminded me of the years past when I taught Earth Science.  One of the books I used was In the Beginning by Dr. Walt Brown.  I began to recall the Hydroplate Theory which explains scientifically how fossils were formed so quickly through the Great Deluge when the fountains of the deep were broken open and the water exploded into our atmosphere.  One of the animals found intact, buried under ice are the mammoths, some with grasses still in their mouths!  See http://www.creationscience .com/onlinebook/FrozenMammoths4.html for photos!

  • The mammoth must have been overwhelmed suddenly with a rapid deep freeze and instant death. The sudden death is proved by the unchewed bean pods still containing the beans that were found between its teeth, and the deep freeze is suggested by the well-preserved state of the stomach contents and the presence of edible meat [for wolves and dogs].

At normal body temperatures, stomach acids and enzymes break down vegetable material within an hour. What inhibited this process? The only plausible explanation is for the stomach to cool to about 40°F in ten hours or less. But because the stomach is protected inside a warm body (96.6°F for elephants), how cold must the outside air become to drop the stomach’s temperature to 40°F? Experiments have shown that the outer layers of skin would have had to drop suddenly to at least -175°F!

Notice that the word “Suddenly” is used to describe what must have happened to cause these huge animals to still have food in their mouths and be frozen so quickly, suffocating to death.

I then looked up the word “Butterfly” in the same book and found METAMORPHO



Figure 15: Metamorphosis. Many animals experience an amazing transformation that refutes evolution. One example is the monarch butterfly. As a two-week-old caterpillar (left), it builds a chrysalis around itself (center). Then its complex organs disintegrate. From an evolution perspective, this should cause the insect’s extinction—a thousand times over. Two weeks later, a beautiful butterfly emerges with different and even more remarkable capabilities (right). Some people might believe that a complex machine, such as an automobile, evolved by natural processes, but if they saw that machine disintegrate and quickly reemerge as an airplane, only the most naive and unscientific would still believe that natural processes could produce such marvelous designs.

Go to to learn more about the amazing evidence of Metamorphisis!

The Lord is encouraging us!  Lighthouse Intercessors, expect SUDDENLIES to take place against the things that have held you back, the obstacles, the unanswered prayers you have waited for so long will SUDDENLY be answered and these HUGE MAMMOTH problems will be dead, gone forever!  Keep the Word of God in your mouth, for therein lies your victory!  When these “suddenlies” come, and they will, then there will be a transformation in your heart and mind–a miracle, a metamorphosis!  You will be like the butterfly, a new creation who is no longer on the ground just surviving, but SOARING with a whole new perspective of what the Lord has created you to become!

So anticipate — for just as Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and rose again, so our dreams will be given new life as we surrender them to our Father who loves us and gave us His only Son so we may become new creations!  Old things, old habits, old debts, old mindsets holding you back, old aches and pains will be SUDDENLY removed!  Behold , He makes all things new!  Praise the Lord!

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  1. As I showered this morning, I thought how manipulated our society has become. Satisfied with the statous quo! Just existing, but not really living! By thay I mean….. Where are the dreamers, where are the visionaries, those who would dare to think outside the boundaries and believe and not settle for ” that’s the way it’s always been”. You know Job was brought to the end of himself and we know that God had told satan , “Have you considered my servant Job!” It’s time to end our complaining and start to listen to that still small voice that thunders with TRUTH! You have nit lost it all ! Nor have you been abandoned! Our flesh is so quick to agree with the enemy of our souls , that’s why the battle is in the mind. We must lay hold and take captive every thought and thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God! We tend to think that just because of our cercumstances seem hopeless and we begin to question why we are even here God is listening and then He doesn’t rebuke satan, because the devil is not even an issue! It’s us, me, me, me! And He lovingly exhorts and chasens thoughs He loves! Key Word,..LOVES! Though life can be hard at times, there is great potenetial in all of us to dream big and not only dream big, but to see those dreams become reality ,and for vision to be birthed once again in our hearts and in our mind. That creation, that of which we are is because God is, said “Let Us”. Is built into our very core and is restored because of our Lord Jesus! So Saints of the most High God!, .. Let’s dream, let’s invision, Let’s live in this wonderful day we are so blessed to find ourselves in with God at our side. The current of the Holy Spirit has been flowing since the day of Pentecost. Let’s step out of our boat of false security and be wave walkers, storm silencers, More than Conquerors that our Savior has called us to be! Let us, the Bride of Christ, do so!


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