Plan, Prepare, Purpose, Produce!

“For I long to plant you, says the Lord, in the soil of My love. I want to root you so deeply, so strongly in Me that you will not be shaken when the shaking of all that man places his security in is shaken. Do not fear. For I love you with an everlasting love and will never leave you nor forsake you.

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. Get in My river, child. The glory will carry you to Me, to My city where all is well. Did you know that it is Spring here? Everything is blooming and beautiful. Even the flowers speak messages of My grace and goodness. Give Me your eyes, and you will see it. Give Me your ears and I will cause You to hear the songs of heaven. Healing is coming.

What is in your hand? Give that to Me and it will multiply like the loaves and the fishes. So many are hungry.

These words are for NOW! Plan, prepare, purpose, produce! Use what you have! Inspire others by the purpose I have planted you here for in My Kingdom! Purpose to prepare with determination to get your life in order with My plan so that your purpose may be realized and much fruit produced!”

This past Sunday on our prayer call the Spirit gave this vision:

I saw a beautiful tree blooming with bright green leaves and white flowers. Bees were buzzing in and out of the flowers. The Lord said to us, “You are a tree planted in Me, in My love and in My Word! The sap of My Spirit is running through you! The time has come to bear fruit as You seek Me, find Me, and dwell in Me! Many will be attracted to you because of the fragrance your life is producing, so be prepared to share with all those “bees” buzzing around you. Purpose to meet with Me and My purpose will be fulfilled in your life! The harvest is coming! Plan, prepare, purpose, and produce!!

This Friday, March 23rd, is our very first FIRSTFRUIT FRIDAY –calling all Watchmen and Women of War to praise and pray, to WATCH for Israel, America, and His Kingdom Come! 4:30 am. -6:00 am. CST. The 4th watch–the most pivotal watch when greatest battle of all occurs between light and darkness. (3-6 am) The Lord has been dealing with me for awhile about this and it is out of sheer obedience that I am beginning this! We will declare and decree the Jewish month decrees for Nisan and the Biblical New Year Eve’s this Friday. The conference phone number is 712-432-0031 access code 420217#. Wake up and war!

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