Prayer for China-The Year of the Dragon

The Chinese declare on their New Year an animal or other creature as the focus for the year.  This is the Chinese New Year of the DRAGON. 

I want to share with you for prayer what the Lord gave me  on August 19, 2011. 

 I was in prayer and saw a map of China.  I then saw a large Red Dragon and the Lord said, “This dragon is thirsty for blood.”  I asked the Lord how to pray against it and how to starve it.  He said my weapon was “Shalom”  and to pray for the Shalom of God–the PEACE of God to come upon the families of China.  To pray for peace for even those planning for war. 

I asked Him to send out angels of peace to go and minister a desire for true peace.  In intercession I saw abortions being prevented because of the release of peace.  Let women have their babies and their wombs be blessed.  I spoke life over the Chinese, the life of God.  No more sacrifices.  Yeshua did it all. 

 I saw churches and families circling up like a band, encircling and prayed for a hedge of protection around them.  I prayed no more isolation for the Chinese believers.

Then I asked the Lord to disperse angels of healing, especially for the healing of blood diseases and death.  I asked for the release of resurrection power.  Let healing revivals break out with multitudes healed in China Lord!  Break off the plans of the warlords with Shalom and with healing and life.  No more blood for the Dragon.

Please continue to pray for China.   The Chinese church  is one of the fastest growing churches in the world today in spite of persecution.

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  1. Social and National Security Costs of Gendercide
    NEW YORK, March 1, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) together with REAL Women of Canada will host a panel presentation titled “Gender Inequality: In Population Control Programs” on Tuesday, March 6 at 2:30 p.m.

    Event Details

    What: Panel on Gender Inequality: In Population Control Programs UN Commission on the Status of Women NGO Event

    When: March 6, 2012, 2:30 p.m.

    Where: Church Centre Building, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York City, Boss Room, 8th FL
    The panel will address the social impact and natural security implications of China’s population control program. The event is part of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at UN headquarters in New York City from February 27 to March 9.

    Since 1980, China’s One-Child Policy has led to female gendercide, abandonment of daughters, child trafficking and violations of women’s reproductive rights. All Girls Allowed Communications Director Tessa Dale will report stories of women most affected by China’s Family Planning Committee and discuss the “unspoken” impacts of the One-Child Policy on China’s family life.

    “Most people do not realize that the suicide rate among Chinese women — the world’s highest — has skyrocketed following the inception of the One-Child Policy. As the number one cause of death for women in China, it’s time to start asking questions about the side effects of forced abortions and sterilizations,” said Tessa Dale.

    Population control programs are responsible for the gender imbalance caused by sex-selective abortions. The societal repercussion of years of aborting girl babies due to a preference for sons and a limit on children has produced catastrophic consequences. Dr. Susan Yoshihara, C-FAM’s Senior Vice President for Research and co-editor of the book, “Population Decline and the Remaking of Great Power Politics” will address what sex selective abortion and infanticide mean for national and international security.

    “The global war on baby girls has serious consequences for regional and even international security. Only when we look closely at the causes of the crisis do we understand why the UN has failed to address the issue,” said Dr. Yoshihara.

    Christian Newswire

  2. Chinese authorities stepped up their longstanding opposition to Christianity in China in 2011, China Aid Association said in its annual report released on Wednesday, citing figures that showed a dramatic worsening of government persecution of Christians and churches.

    Those statistics included a 131.8% increase in the number of Christians detained for their religious beliefs. “This trend of worsening persecution has persisted for the past six years,” the group said, adding that Christians were not the only target.

    “In the year just ended, China’s Communist regime has succeeded in creating an atmosphere of terror among the Chinese people — throughout the country but particularly in Beijing — by skirting the nation’s judicial system to punish its own citizens, in violation of the nation’s laws, through abduction, forced disappearance, torture, mentally and physically destructive abuse, treating family members as guilty-by-association, etc. In 2011, more than 100 influential lawyers and human rights activists — both Christians and non-Christians — had “disappeared,” or been “tortured, put under surveillance or sentenced,” the report said.

    A new government practice in 2011 was targeting churches and individuals who were significantly impacting society — including the 1,000 member Shouwang Church in Beijing, which has been forced since April 2010 to hold worship services outdoors because government interference has made it impossible for them to buy or lease a meeting space, and leading legal activists such as constitutional law expert Dr. Fan Yafeng, who has been under house arrest since December 2010, and award-winning human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, who “disappeared” into official custody for 20 months before being sent to a remote prison in far western China to serve a three-year sentence.

    The report highlighted the worrying increase in the use of torture against detainees, citing a 33.3% increase over 2010 in the number of cases of abuse of all kinds, including torture.

    ChinaAid, which was founded in 2002 to draw international attention to China’s gross human rights violations against house church Christians, monitors and reports on religious freedom violations in China. Drawing on a wide network of sources throughout the country, ChinaAid issues frequent news releases on cases of religious persecution in China. The Midland, Texas-based organization also assists victims of religious persecution to assert their rights and works to promote the rule of law in China.

    Rhonda Harkins
  3. Thank you for the prayers and intercession for China. I have requests for me to return to China this year. This would be my fifth trip.

    Don Cooper
    Father’s Heart

    We want to pray for Don when he goes back! Thanks for being an ambassador for Christ in China!

    Rhonda Harkins
  4. Hi Rhonda,

    I read this and it is excellent.


    we love your website… praying and considering China once again…



    Awesome, Amen!


    Thank you for sharing this.

    My wife and I join with you in this prayer.

    May Jesus be lifted up and exalted as Lord over China.



    Rhonda Harkins

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