Are you ready for 2012?

Are you ready for 2012?  Get your house in order -for this is the year to be ready to go, to serve, to see, to proclaim, and to occupy the mountain, the territory the Lord your God has given you!  

Many will be fearful and some will be shaken as this year  continues to unfold for there are dire predictions made that the world will end  on Dec. 21st according to the Mayan calendar.  Because of this we will do
two things:  1) pray and break every curse that has been made in  accordance with these predictions and 2) prepare to witness His light to those  in darkness who are in fear.  For just as on 9/11 many sought the Lord and  many came to Christ so will this be a year of harvest!  Those who  have their house in order, are prepared, prayed up, and ready will take this harvest  for the glory of God!  To occupy there must be order, divine order  in your relationships, home, work, ministry, and life.  To occupy is to  possess.  To possess is to overcome.  That mountain you have been  facing in your finances, your health, your relationships is being whittled down  by His divine order, so you can overcome it, possess it, and occupy what  belongs to you in Jesus’ Name!  

The word of the Lord says “It is the third day…and when Abraham looked UP he saw the mountain ahead in the  distance…” Gen.22:4  This is the year of the third day!  A time to look UP and  see your redemption drawing nigh, the harvest is ripe, and the power of the  resurrection is available to all who have fully surrendered to Him.   Prepare for miracles this year!  It’s time to cause others around you to look UP and get their eyes off the circumstances!  God’s way is UP!  The future can be seen when our eyes are looking up!  We have clear  direction when we look UP!  Our faith soars when we look UP!  Even in the hardest test of his life,  Abraham knew to look UP and speak by faith WE will return after we worship.  He counted God faithful and true to His  Word, and had faith that Isaac would be raised back to life after the sacrifice  he was 100% willing to make in obedience to the Lord.  That surrender is  the key to taking your mountain, and seeing things that have been dead resurrect  and be restored back to you!  When God told Abraham the promises of his
future, he told him to look UP and count the stars!

I pray the eyes of your heart will look UP and see the hope He is calling you to, the life He has for you of abundance and blessing, of love and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.  “Oh Lord, may the light  of Your countenance beam into the eyes of every reader of this word.  Flood their  soul with light, cause them to look UP and see with new sight, surrendered  hearts, and the future bright before them!  Mark them for Your glory Lord.  When the rest of the world is speaking doomsday and the end, may their mouths have the two-edged sword of Your Word,  cutting  asunder every curse and bringing many to salvation in Christ!”

EXPECT great things in 2012!  Look UP and see your future bright and full of hope!  Glory to His Name!
Happy NewYear!!

Many blessings,


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