December 8, 2011

I awoke this morning thinking of my dream.  I saw a beautiful rose unfurling coming up over the horizon where the sun should have been, surrounded by the glorious colors of the sunrise.  The Lord spoke to my heart, “This day is My gift to you.  Stop and smell the fragrance of the day I’ve given you.”  I noticed in my dream the rose bloomed as it rose in the sky.  I began to thank Him for the day, this precious gift of life. The fragrance of His faithfulness was heavy all around me.  God wants us to enjoy each day He gives us!  Oh how He loves you and me!!  Listen to these powerful medley of songs and receive His love today!

For our Family Prayer Call this Sunday please be prepared with Communion, and a verse(s) for your family.  We will be blessing our families through the meanings of names, taking communion together, and sharing our family verses, claiming them to be manifested this Christmas!    I want you to go beyond the box on this, and even think what COLORS you’d want your family to be known for, what SONG your family is in harmony with, what CREST you’d like to see on your family shield.  BY FAITH we are going to speak these things forth as though they are in Jesus’ Name for the GLORY of GOD!

Please watch the Smilebox below of our time with Polly Sigulim!  We anointed and prayed over the MANY fleece blankets Lighthouse Intercessors collected for the homeless.  Thanks be to God!  Pray for dear Joni as she delivers these.  Let’s pray about going to serve again in Israel, Polly has much work for us to do with  Teen Challenge and the women/children she is taking into the home there in Arad, Israel!  It was our joy to give Polly a generous offering from Lighthouse Intercessors.     Special invite from Lighthouse Intercessor Eva and Norvel Rorher to meet her and hear her this Friday for Shabbat!



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