December 4, 2011 Gift of Receiving

On our pray call today we received the gift of receiving…the impartation to receive from God all He has for us!  Four things He spoke through the Spirit moving on the people who called in were HOPE…the gift to hope again even when our circumstances do not look hopeful.  Then we received the gift of LOVE…and sang “The Power of Your Love” together receiving His ability to rise up like an eagle and soar over the difficulties of our lives.  We then received His FAITH…for faith works through love and we need faith to keep hoping, keep loving.  Last of all, we received His LIGHT so that we can dispel the darkness in our hearts and lives and see where He is leading us.  Everyone was encouraged by the power of FAITH, HOPE, LOVE and LIGHT!

God said do not be a thermometer and change with the atmosphere around you, but be a thermastat and SET the atmosphere ….we are meant to be a blessing, but we must first receive till there is an OVERFLOW to give that joy, peace, love, and blessings away!  “For God so loved that He gave…”  Yes, God IS love, and out of His love He gave.  We must receive His love or our giving becomes fleshly and without the anointing that brings people to receive His love through us!  As we placed our hands over our hearts to receive His love, I saw His hand come over each one of ours.  The Lord was burning into us His passion, His love that He has for each one, and burning out every obstacle that keeps us from receiving it.

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