October 2011

“This is a new season! The Lord would say to His intercessors, ”REJOICE!  For I have called you to be a blessing that you might inherit a blessing!  In blessing I have called you, and My blessings are for you, and you will be a blessing to all around you, says the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!  For I am a God of covenant, keeping My promises to a thousand generations.  I am Faithful and True!  For you were not meant to be a curse, to speak curses, or receive curses, but I have created you for the purpose of being a blessing, speaking blessings, and receiving blessings so the world will know that I am a good God, ready to forgive, and make new, waiting to bless you abundantly beyond all that you could ever imagine or begin to ask of Me.  Call upon Me in this new season, this Rosh Hashanah – and I will show you SWEETNESS, the FAT of My Word, and the mountains will drip with new wine, and the land will rejoice with My rain.  Yes, just CALL upon Me and I will answer you, answered prayers, extraordinary blessings, great and mighty things that you know not of, but will be proclaiming to all you see as you see with your own eyes My goodness in the land of the living!” says your God and your King.”

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