April 2007

The Lord has given us this month to declare the number 4 in many powerful ways over the earth, Israel, America, and our lives. These revelations are declarations to use in prayer: release and activate to the four corners of the earth the praises of God, bring in the red, yellow, black, and white…they are precious in His sight! Let us preach the Gospel to every creature, great and small. Set creation free from every bondage and curse. We declare that Your Spirit will be poured out on ALL flesh! We call in from the North, the South, the East, and the West every Jew to return to Israel. We pray for the peace of that nation and for our beloved Jerusalem. Guard her borders with Your warring angels to protect her. Draw her near You, and grant her repentance that she may be saved from her enemies. Awaken souls, release wells of salvation to become rivers of life. From the very center of our being, release Your power and Presence, activating our callings, giftings, and mantles. Let our hands and our feet become Your hands, Your feet. Flow through our mouths Your words of life and love to the nations and touch the 4 corners of the earth with Your river of Salvation! Let the 4 watches come forth! Set us in our places, Lord. Bring in the faithful and ready watchmen…those who will stand in their places and not back down, who will keep their watch! Wake us up and keep us alert Holy Spirit to the watch we have been assigned! Raise up from the 4 corners of the earth these faithful watchmen to bring in through prophetic intercession the plans and purposes of Your heart, O God!

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