March 2007

It is time to be alert and prepared. Harvest is coming! I keep hearing two words over and over again ….spark and catalyst. I was reminded of an old song that starts with “It only takes a spark to get a fire going…” perhaps you know it. I  believe it is more like wildfire!! The Lord gave me a vision of sparks flying upwards then an actual view of barren trees covered with amber lights that are glowing and rising upwards in the dark sky. Let us be a spark like a spark plug that revs up  some engines that need new life.

A catalyst is, according to Webster, ‘an agent that causes change’ a substance acting upon a compound body, but itself remains unchanged! An alternative medicine, to hasten a reaction, to move something forward. Secret agents like 007 may be appropriate in this season…we bring a catalyst to existing structures and traditions, and they become something new! We have been changed because of the agent of His grace and are now bound to God who doesn’t change….and the Lord wants to restore the truths of the past and bring them into the present so we can advance into the future with new levels of victory!

February 18- March 19 is the Hebrew month of Adar. One meaning of Adar is threshingfloor. Let us sift out the chaff from the wheat as we seek His presence (the Ark of the Covenant.)

 March 16th morning, I asked Holy Spirit what was going on in the heavenlies. I immediately had a vision of a lion that was roaring. Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “The Lion of Judah is on the move. He is roaring against His enemies!” Then I had a vision of a jungle at night and all was so dark and quiet, except for the loud roar of a lion. That is what happens in the natural when the lion roars, all else gets still and quiet. In the spirit realm, when Christ, who is the Lion of Judah roars, all is stilled and recognizes His presence. Look for the spirit of praise to overcome your enemies throughout the rest of this month! He will give you the victory as you praise and worship Him, the True King!

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