January 2007

‘The year 2007 is also the year 5767 in the Jewish calendar. The number 7 is a very special Biblical number that means fullness, completeness, and perfection. During the first month of this new year, the Lord has been drawing many people to fast and seek purity in their lives. Just keep asking the Lord for a pure heart that will allow you to see Him more clearly. Surrender yourself to Him, and He will do the cleansing. Repentance is a gift of God and can only be accomplished by His Spirit. Ask for this gift and for the Holy Spirit to bring the light of Christ into all areas of your life until the image of Christ is formed in you. He is faithful to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness! WHAT A PROMISE!

It is also a time to ask for increased favor with the Lord and with man. Many will find promotion and new areas of leadership  opening to them. This will take faith. Ask for the gift of faith to walk into the next level. We are going from glory to glory as  we continue to seek Him first in our lives.

The Lord is saying to mark your calendar and make a special note of every 7th day of the month. Look for divine opportunities on that special day especially to pray for people, and to watch for His glory to be manifested in a special way. I  had this confirmed on my way to work, where I saw a huge sign saying 707.

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