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A lighthouse stands guard. As Lighthouse Intercessors, we also stand guard.

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  • 30 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 20 2017

    “TODAY I look for new ways of travel, new modes of communication, and new methods of transportation.  There are new forms of combustion and energy! There are new ways of going from place to place on this journey.  The world is getting even smaller, therefore, I will find ways to share the GOSPEL that reaches as many as possible in this hour!” ...
  • 29 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 19 2017

    “LET ME never forget, I can travel by prayer faster than any other method man invents.  Use me in prayers, dreams, and visions to transport me from one place to another, even one continent to another to perform Your word.” ...
  • 28 CHESHVAN 5778 NOVEMBER 18 2017

    “I DECLARE MY journey is an adventure in faith when my eyes are on You.  Every season brings its own special challenges, but You are there and give me hope and strength along the way.  You send me support to undergird me on this journey and to keep me running, walking, resting, sitting, praying, speaking, preaching, teaching, loving as directed by Your Spirit.”...
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Praise Romania Missions, Inc. DBA Lighthouse Intercessors

Chaplain Rhonda Harkins founded and directs Lighthouse Intercessors, a prayer website ministry drawing intercessors from every nation to pray God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven influencing every structure from the government to the family. Rhonda is an active member of Gateway Church, Southlake, TX where she has served as a leader in home groups, healing room teams, and altar ministry. In February, 2011, Rhonda was installed as Prayer Chaplain...
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