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Daily Declarations

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A lighthouse stands guard. As Lighthouse Intercessors, we also stand guard.

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  • 30 ELUL 5777 SEPTEMBER 20 2017

    “I declare I will seek Your face and see how much You love me.  I will draw closer, for this is the time of embracing.  Your love awaits me.”  ...
  • 29 ELUL 5777 SEPTEMBER 19 2017

    “My King is in my field, inspecting the fruit of my garden.  My fruit delights His soul.  It is fragrant with spices.  I cannot wait to share with Him the fruit of my harvest that came in with great joy! He chose to buy my field.  He said it was worth all He had, that He would give His very life for it.  And so He did.”...
  • 28 ELUL 5777 SEPTEMBER 18 2017

    “This is my declaration: I will enter the gates with thanksgiving and praise.  I command dead things to fall off in Your Name.  I speak to the new to come forth!  It is time to celebrate Your goodness!  Time to receive forgiveness for all my sins, all my past, all my failures!  Time for atonement!  Time for freedom!”...
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Praise Romania Missions, Inc. DBA Lighthouse Intercessors

Chaplain Rhonda Harkins founded and directs Lighthouse Intercessors, a prayer website ministry drawing intercessors from every nation to pray God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven influencing every structure from the government to the family. Rhonda is an active member of Gateway Church, Southlake, TX where she has served as a leader in home groups, healing room teams, and altar ministry. In February, 2011, Rhonda was installed as Prayer Chaplain...
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