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A lighthouse stands guard. As Lighthouse Intercessors, we also stand guard.

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  • 3 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 20 2018

    “Today I declare the chosen fast to cleanse my spirit, soul, and body from everything that would cause defilement.  All unclean spirits must go at the Name of Christ Jesus my Deliverer!  No spirits of infirmity are allowed in my temple.  I declare divine health and restoration in Jesus’ Name.  I refrain from the king’s delicacies and exercise control by the Spirit of the Lord.  My flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing! “  ...
  • 2 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 19 2018

    “I declare that I am blessed going in and blessed going out.  I am blessed in every way.  I declare others call me blessed and blessings overtake me.  Thank You that You have placed my feet in the anointing and my life is rich from Your glory!   I declare the Almighty is with me and my children around me, therefore my path is drenched with cream and the Rock pours out for me streams of olive oil. I am content with the Bread of Life and find fulfillment in Your sweet words like honey.”...
  • 1 SHEVAT 5778 JANUARY 18 2018

    TRIBE OF ASHER HONORED IN SHEVAT! “I DECLARE You bring me pleasure and joy, O Lord.  You are my Rock and My salvation.  At Your right hand is pleasure forevermore.  Your Spirit makes me fat and my bones rejoice to the very marrow.  I listen to the King’s words for they are gracious and full of majesty.  I choose to be happy even when times are hard.  I choose to be a witness of Your goodness in the land of the living.” ...
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Praise Romania Missions, Inc. DBA Lighthouse Intercessors

Chaplain Rhonda Harkins founded and directs Lighthouse Intercessors, a prayer website ministry drawing intercessors from every nation to pray God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven influencing every structure from the government to the family. Rhonda is an active member of Gateway Church, Southlake, TX where she has served as a leader in home groups, healing room teams, and altar ministry. In February, 2011, Rhonda was installed as Prayer Chaplain...
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